Dr. Taghaddos is a renowned figure and leader in the field of general surgery, both in the MENA region and around the world. Over the last 30 years, he has earned the respect, esteem, and trust of his peers and patients

through his ground-breaking research, leadership, and dedicated care.

Graduating from Tehran University, Iran in 1991, he then received specialized training at Harvard University and honed his craft within several reputable US institutions. After these experiences, he returned to the MENA region as a pioneer, bringing with him brand new laser surgery technology, and performing some of the first laser removal surgeries in the area. He was also the first to conduct laser hair and tattoo removal surgeries with picosecond laser technology in the UAE.

Alongside his pioneering role in the field of laser surgery in the MENA region, Dr. Taghaddos has also innovated several procedures and technologies. He revolutionized the field with his own signature use of diode lasers for pilonidal sinusectomies, known as the Taghaddos Technique. This innovative method was published in the official medical journal of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. Moreover, he holds four US patents for various laser surgical technologies, as well as tech for many other fields and disciplines

Bridges s are recommended if you have a missing tooth or if there are gaps between your teeth. A missing tooth may cause chewing problems and loss of self-confidence. Thus, a dental bridge can help restore your teeth’s function, your look, and your smile.

Regular teeth cleaning, along with proper dental care, can go a long way in preventing all kinds of teeth and gum problems. Our professional teeth cleaning services can ensure more effective removal of plaques and stains from your teeth to prevent cavities, tooth damage and bad breath.

Inlays and onlays are used when a dental filling is not sufficient to fix a decayed or damaged tooth. You may need these restorative dental treatments if you have a hole inside your tooth or if you develop teeth sensitivity. They are made of ceramic/porcelain or composite resin to blend perfectly with your tooth’s natural color.


Retainers are customized devices that are typically made from acrylic material or wires to maintain your newly realigned teeth and hold them in place after wearing braces for years. We offer specialized custom-made retainers that ensure a perfect fit to your dental structure and maintain the correct positioning of your teeth.v

With our innovative dental innovations, we perform root canal procedures that are specially tailored to address your requirements. Root canal can be the best option when you have a dying tooth or if your dental nerve is infected. Instead of removing the tooth, you can preserve it and extend its life and function by restoring it from the inside.

A composite tooth filling may be the most suitable option if you have decayed or worn teeth, or if it is fractured or cracked. The affected part of the tooth is removed and filled with composite filling made from synthetic resin. This tooth filling is more durable and resembles the color of the teeth, making it more practical and aesthetically appropriate to use.

Tooth crown is a dental procedure, both restorative and cosmetic, to fix a tooth that is extremely decayed, chipped, or damaged. It is fitted over your existing tooth to enhance its strength, function, and appearance. Our dental professionals will customise your crown to exactly match your teeth to increase your confidence and improve your look.

With the use of cutting-edge technology, we can fix your teeth and give you a winning smile with utmost safety and comfort and with better results. A local anesthetic is used to prevent discomfort throughout the procedure. If you have an impacted tooth, the gum and tissue covering it are cut first before loosening the tooth using forceps.

Fissure sealants cover your teeth’s pits and grooves to keep food debris from getting stuck in these areas, preventing the formation of bacteria and plaque. After cleaning and drying the tooth, the dentist puts a special solutiFissure sealants cover your teeth’s pits and grooves to keep food debris from getting stuck in these areas, preventing the formation of bacteria and plaque. After cleaning and drying the tooth, the dentist puts a special solution so the fissure sealant can stick more effectively to the tooth’s on so the fissure sealant can stick more effectively to the tooth’s surface. A special curing light is applied to stabilise the resin material.

Fluoride therapy is recommended if you are at high risk to develop dental cavities or caries. This type of treatment provides higher concentration of fluoride compared to what is found in your toothpaste or water. It is provided in different forms such as mouth rinse, gel, foam or varnish.


Dr. Korshunova is a physician with a wealth of experience in the field of dermatology. After earning her Bachelor of General Medicine Degree in Russia, she served at the Russian Ministry of Health, where she excelled in her role as an MD-Specialist in dermatovenereology at


As an expert general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Fereidouni has practiced in a wide variety of specialized dentistry fields. Earning her DMD from Gulf Medical University in the

UAE, she is also Medical Village’s certified clear aligner provider.

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