Skin Surgery

We carry the CO2 and RF lasers, allowing permanent removal of various kinds of birthmarks, scars and keloids, warts, benign skin growths and tumours and pigmented lesions - in fact, treatment of any skin condition or abnormality that is amenable to laser therapy. Some skin conditions cannot be treated by surgery or laser therapy. We recommend that all patients come in for a consultation to best identify their needs and how we can best help them.

Skin & Genital Warts

These can be found on the hands, feet or genital area. They can be transmitted to other areas of the body,so early treatment is advised.

Mole Removal

Certain types of moles do not require removal. However for the ones that do, using laser technology will yield better results.

Skin Tag Removal

In most cases, skin tag removal will produce favorable results immediately after the procedure.

Skin Cyst Removal

We provide alternatives in dealing with cases of Skin Cysts, such as Lipoma. It not always necessary to shave the area for cyst removal and stitches are not usually required.

Corn Removal

Laser treatment can be one of the best solutions in cases that concern the removal of corns.

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