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Endoscopic Eyebrow lifting

Often called “foxy eyes” or “Bella Hadid eyes”, endoscopic eyebrow lifting is a surgical procedure to raise your eyebrows and improve the appearance of your forehead, brows, and the area around your eyes to have a more youthful and pleasant look.

What to Expect From Endoscopic Eyebrow Lifting

Performed under general anesthesia, a 1-cm incision is made inside the hairline and a small endoscope (video camera) is inserted to visualize your muscles and tissues. With only a few stitches and perfected techniques of our plastic surgeon, the eyebrows are pulled up and fixed in a new position. A special surgical glue is used to enhance the procedure which ensures less chances of infection, bruising and scarring.


The common side effects are swelling for a few days. You may use cold compress to ease the swelling of the area. You may resume normal activities after two to three days.


Most people have uneven eyebrows because of asymmetrical facial bones. While symmetry may not be perfectly achieved because of the patient’s bone structure, symmetry can be improved using skilled techniques to create a more balanced appearance.

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