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Double Chin Laser liposuction

This minimally invasive procedure is done to remove the chin’s excess fat which may be caused by aging or changes in weight. You may also have this treatment if you want to enhance your appearance and have a more contoured or defined jaw line.

Double chin laser liposuction is an easy, fast and painless procedure and the patient can start to see the results immediately. The use of laser technology leaves no visible scars and reduces bleeding. It also helps break down the fat and tighten the skin for better and more satisfying results.

What to Expect

A blood test is done prior to the procedure. Performed under local anaesthesia, the surgeon makes a 3-mm incision in your skin for the laser to enter and melt the fat. Afterwards, a small tube is inserted into the area to suction the fat. The surgeon then closes the incision and the patient can go home right after the treatment.


Sometimes, side effects may include mild swelling and bruising which usually subside after a few days. Within the first 24 hours, you must wear an elastic band to press the area and you may resume your regular activities. Strenuous activities can be done after two to three weeks. It is also important to take medications prescribed by your doctor such as antibiotics and ibuprofen.


Yes, it is permanent. The fat that has been removed from the chin will never return. As you age, the neck may appear droopy due to loss of muscle tone.


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