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Blepharoplasty is a procedure performed on your eyelids which involves removing excess skin, muscle and fat to enhance your look. This procedure can be a great option if you have baggy or droopy upper eyelids, excess skin on your upper eyelids that restricts your vision, excess skin on the lower eyelids or if you have big eye bags. This is a safe procedure ensuring the best results and faster recovery.

What to Expect

You will be required to get a blood test prior to the surgery. During the procedure, the upper eyelids may be cut to remove the excess skin, muscle and fat, or it can be lifted depending on the surgeon’s assessment. For your lower eyelids, the surgeon can make a cut under your lashes, on the natural crease of your eye, or inside your lower lid.


It is common to experience watery eyes, bruising, swelling and light sensitivity after surgery. Elevate your head while sleeping and apply cold compress to your eyes to ease the swelling.  Avoid straining, exercising and lifting heavy objects for at least a week. Take medications as prescribed by your doctor. Avoid using contact lenses for two weeks and protect the area from the sun by wearing tinted sunglasses.


No, this procedure will not fix problems in peripheral vision.

With blepharoplasty, the scars are hidden in the natural creases of the eyelids and they will not be visible after one month.


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