Hair is great when it’s where you want it to be. Sadly, we can’t always control where it grows on our body. Sometimes shave and waxing an area over and over again just becomes too much of a hassle. So, if you’ve ever thought, “Is there laser hair removal near me?” the answer is yes: at Medical Village in Dubai. We are the premier cosmetic laser hair removal specialists in the UAE.

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Dr. Taghaddos

our expert general surgeon and one of the most distinguished medical professionals in the industry because of his signature techniques, developed his own groundbreaking methods for different surgical procedures to deliver optimum care with minimal downtime for patients. This is why general surgery services at Medical Village are considered one of the best in the region. Combined with our modern technologies, we provide satisfying results with minimal side effects, less risk for infection, and quick recovery.


Aside from permanent hair removal services, our laser technology has proven effective on ingrown hairs, enhancing your skin texture, and removing tattoos.

We are pioneers

At Medical Village, the founder, owner, and chief surgeon, Dr. Hamid Taghaddos, was the first to bring laser hair removal technology to the UAE. You can’t ask for better, more trustworthy care than what the most experienced surgeon in the MENA region has to offer.

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We provide the most advanced, scientific, and affordable medical and aesthetic services delivered by highly qualified experts to ensure your health and well-being.

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Maica Marcos

I'm so glad and happy to work with people in Medical Village. From Doctors, Laser

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I have a very good experience with medical village,the staffs are polite and helpful,clinic is very

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Raphaella Aime

my experience with Medical village has been amazing. Dr. Anahita is one of the best dentists

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