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Do you have any skin imperfections that bother you, such as acne scars, pigmentation, wrinkles? At Medical Village, we offer best solutions with our state-of-art medical devices that can treat a variety of cosmetic concerns.

Contact us today to book a consultation for improving your skin tone, texture, and clarity without surgery or harsh chemicals.

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Our Aesthetic Treatments Services

You may have some tattoos that are a source of regret or embarrassment, which limit your personal or professional opportunities or remind you of a painful past. At Medical Village, we have the best combination of machines with Picosecond technology for tattoo removal in the Middle East. Laser tattoo removal can help you remove or fade unwanted tattoos for a cover-up.
The practice is led by Dr. Hamid, whose distinctive expertise brings innovative approaches to treatment. Dr. Hamid’s protocol represents a pioneering advancement in the laser tattoo removal field.

We’ve all had to deal with the embarrassment of pimples and acne at some point in our life. Yet, for some, acne can even last into adulthood, or leave behind scars that hurt their self-confidence and esteem. If you’d like a new way to tackle your acne issues, our expert team offers many innovative, state-of-the-art acne treatments, such as laser therapy, RF micro-needling, PRP, and mesotherapy. Come in today and meet with one of our dermatologists to see which treatment is best for your face and body acne.

As you age, you may think that your skin has lost its firmness, luster, and overall beauty. We all wish we could return to the prime vitality of our youth. At Medical Village, our staff will work with you to craft the perfect, customizable skin rejuvenation treatment plan to best suit your health and beauty needs. Turn back the clock on your skin when you book your first consultation with our skilled physicians today.

Your skin may develop a whole host of lesions as you age, such as liver spots, freckles, melasma, moles, etc. You may also notice your skin becoming more discolored over time. Using the latest PicoSure laser and PicoWay laser technologies, our team of doctors can zero in on your unique skin issues for faster and safer results. Both these treatment options utilize picosecond laser technology to break up pigments and other blemishes on your skin, thereby allowing your skin to heal itself with new, smoother, and brighter skin. These minimally invasive procedures also ensure that you experience less side effects and heal much quicker than other, more traditional methods. See how our team can use the power of lasers to improve your skin and treat your lesions today.  

If you’re insecure about the aging signs, pigmentation, acne scarring, fine lines, etc, there is a solution for you. Cynoglow Plus is an exclusive aesthetic treatment offered at Medical Village, combining cutting-edge technology with beauty science under the expertise of Dr. Taghaddos.
Cynoglow is a targeted and precise skin rejuvenation method with a non-invasive approach. It is a personalized treatment plan for your individual needs to provide fresh skin with a radiant glow.

They say no one makes it through life without some scars. However, that doesn’t mean you have to live the rest of your life with one defacing your skin and body. At Medical Village, our surgical team uses the most advanced laser technology to help minimize scars and replace them with new, healthier skin growth. This quick and effective treatment results in a noticeably improved look to your scars with minimal downtime and inconvenience to your busy life.

As you age, you may notice your skin start to look gaunt or emaciated. A quick, simple, and cost-effective way to combat the loss of your skin’s plumpness and vitality is through Juvederm filler. This innovative product is injected to contour your face, refresh your looks, and ultimately bring volume back to your skin, all without the need for invasive surgery.

You have many options nowadays to help keep your face looking fresh, firm, and young. When you schedule your first consultation at Medical Village, our professional team of dermatologists and surgeons may recommend a variety of face tightening and contouring procedures to help smooth out your wrinkles, reshape your face, tighten loose skin, or remove fat. These minimally invasive techniques use radio frequency technology to ensure the best and quickest results on the market.

During the aging process, your skin may lose its elasticity, volume, and radiance and show more wrinkles, sagging, and spots. These signs of aging can make you look older than. Our highly trained doctors at Medical Village in Dubai can help you achieve your youthful face with our advanced anti-aging procedures. Anti-aging treatment is a cosmetic procedure that aims to reduce the signs of aging and improve the appearance of the skin. This treatment can help you achieve smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin.

Meet Dr. Hamid Taghaddos


Dr. Hamid Taghaddos

General Surgeon

Dr. Hamid Taghaddos is a pioneer and founder of the first use of advanced technologies in patient treatment in the Middle East, including the use of Diod Light Sheer laser device, nanotechnology laser device, Pico laser device, and Scalpsure slimming laser device.

  • Member and Fellowship in the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) Since 2000
  • DHA Licensed – General Surgeon/Laser Specialist
  • Completed observership for Gastrointestinal and Colorectal Surgery –Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA
  • Various certificates from the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS)
  • Certification of completion for training courses on various laser systems and aesthetic procedures in the USA and the UK
  • Harvard Medical School, Specific Training for Laser Surgical Treatments, Laser Safety and Laser and Aesthetic Skin Therapy, Boston, MA, USA


Professional Experience

  • General Surgeon – Iranian Hospital, Dubai, 1994-1996
  • General Surgeon, Al Borj Medical Centre, Dubai, 1996-1998
  • Founder, General Surgeon, Laser Specialist, Medical Village, Dubai, May 2004- Present
  • Pioneered the use of UltraPulse CO2 laser for surgery and skin resurfacing in 1996
  • Acknowledged as the first CYNOGLOW Provider in the Middle East