The Simple, Comfortable Way to Deliver Circumferential Reduction

First time in Dubai at Medical Village, enCurve Beautiful curves safely, non-invasive solution that helps you to shape your body effectively, and that gives you visible results quickly.

How does it work?

Touch-free Fat loss enCurve’s targeted shortwave technology induces your body to remove fat naturally without touching your skin

Why use enCurve?

  • Safely destroys fat cells while protecting epidermis and dermis
  • 2 Applicators for variety of treatment options including abdomen, thigh, and arm
  • Customize treatments with Personalized Impedance Synchronization Application technology (PISA™)
  • Safely leave patient unattended during most of treatment maximizes staff time
  • 300 Watts deliver ideal power for optimal treatment outcomes
  • Air Mode works to eliminate sweat on tissue to prevent burn risk

When will I see results?

4-6 short sessions

A short treatment time of 40 minutes for the abdomen and flanks or back and 30 minutes for your arm or leg (60 minutes for the pair) and your body will start disposing of fat cells naturally. You will notice the difference from the 2nd session.

Shape your body with no downtime

Shaping your body with enCurve does not interfere with your daily routine. Once the treatment is finished, you can continue your day uninterrupted.
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