Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Medical Village offers a number of Lasers dedicated to effectively remove unwanted hair. Our wide range of offered lasers guarantee that we meet various client needs and offer them suitable services to ensure satisfaction.

During laser hair removal, a highly concentrated beam is passed through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The intense heat of the laser is absorbed by the pigment or melanin found in the follicle; this action destroys the hair, resulting in an inhibition of future hair growth. Although laser hair removal has been proven effective in slowing hair growth, permanent hair removal is not guaranteed. It typically takes several procedures to yield an extended hair-free period. Periodic touch-up treatments may be required to ensure reduced hair growth.

Customized number of Lasers dedicated to effectively remove unwanted hair, for only 25Dhs per minute you can’t beat that!
We offer the following lasers for hair removal:

  1. Diode light sheer
    • St
    • Et
    • Duet
  2. Elite
    • Alexandrite
    • N.D.yag
  3. Elite Plus
  4. Revlite
  5. Medlite
  6. Apogee Alexandrite
  7. Desire

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Daily tip: For better results, limit other means of hair removal to 6 weeks

before your next Laser appointment.